Mark Hamill Saying Goodbye to His Role as Joker

May 28, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

When you talk about the raving lunatic supervillain known as Joker, one of the first names that should come to everyone’s mind is Mark Hamill due to his amazing voice work portrayed in last year’s smash hit, Batman: Arkham Asylum. While we have no clue just what is going to happen with the Joker after the upcoming Arkham Asylum 2, one this is for certain – Mark Hamill, who is most widely known for his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, won’t be providing the voice.

Speaking with IGN, Mark confirmed that his work in the upcoming Arkham Asylum 2 will be the final time he takes the microphone as Joker.

“This will be my last, there’s no question about that. But it’s the last hurrah.”

Joker is a difficult character to portray properly and Mark Hamill has done a spectacular job with the role. This will be a huge loss, but hopefully there’s another unknown actor out there like the late Heath Ledger who has the talent to fit the role naturally.