Sony Releases Remote Keyboard Software for VAIO, PS3

May 30, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Awhile back, Sony had mentioned that they would release a software patch that would allow people to use their Sony VAIO laptops as a remote keyboard for keying in text to their PS3. That software patch is out NOW.

Sony had quietly made the patch available to download not too long ago.  Once installed the laptop can be registered as a remote device via bluetooth on the PS3.  So far the patch had been tested by one user and he has verified that it worked on his VAIO laptop.  Another user had tried to install the patch on a non-VAIO laptop (Lenovo) and reported that it failed to work.

Unfortunately, I do not own a Sony VAIO laptop (yet), but with their new line up that was announced earlier this year, I’m sure to have one soon by the end of year. However, those of you that do own a VAIO should click this link and get that patch installed on your laptop now.  Feel free to share your thoughts and comment below as you give this much wanted feature a test drive.