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Square Enix + Monster Hunter = Lord of Arcana

July 3, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

What happens when a genre in gets incredibly popular? Every developer tries to get their own corner on the market. What started with Capcom’s Monster Hunter has spawned into Namco Bandai’s God Eater, Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors: Strike, and even Square Enix with their just announced game: Lord of Arcana.

Square Enix has confirmed that their newest multiplayer action game, Lord of Arcana, is coming to the PSP. While there will be a single player mode in the game, it will focus on the cooperative experience. Local play only though, although Adhoc Party on the PS3 has taken care of that recently. In the game players will need to hunt all sorts of monsters, designed by “world-renowned artists,” to level up and customize weapons and armor for their characters. No release window has been announced for the mach-and-slash adventure, but price of $39.99 has been confirmed for it’s forthcoming United States launch. As soon as more information comes out, PlayStation LifeStyle will be the first to tell you.