‘Enhanced Grip and Precision’ Courtesy of PSM3

July 6, 2010Written by Andrej Cilkov

Ever wished your DualShock analog stick had more grip and control? Did you ever get annoyed with the slippery DualShock caps? Well look no further as the latest issue of PSM3 will include one set of free pad grips.

The tiny rubber caps easily pop onto your  analogue sticks to provide “superior grip and precision” claims PSM3.

There are two different types of available grips that come with the latest issue.

  1. D-pad style, for enhanced precision – great for beat em’ up games such as Street Fighter.
  2. Dimpled style, for enhanced feel – great for shooter games such as Modern Warfare 2.

For those of you who are gripped with online multiplayer games such as Street Fighter, Mag, Modern Warfare 2, and even FIFA World Cup, this opportunity should not slip past you. But just know that PSM3 doesn’t guarantee that you will turn into a “triple-Prestige” or  “Division One FIFA World Cup champion” with their caps.

They’re not going to turn you from a shameful noob into a triple-Prestige COD-killer, or from Division 10 whipping boy into Division One FIFA World Cup champion, just by clipping them on, but every little helps,

You can order the latest issue of PSM3 on this site. And act fast as all subscription are half priced for the month of July.

I know we here at PSLS will be getting our copy will you? Let us know in the comment section below.