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Mafia 2 Producers Address 3D and Move Rumors; Looks Towards Future

July 7, 2010Written by Max Murray

Mafia 2, the sequel to 2K’s successful crime title, has been on top of anticipation lists around the world. With the release date just at summer’s end, many questions are being fired at 2K for further information and new details, including whether or not Sony’s two new prized additions will be available to further immerse oneself in the crime infested streets. Now, 2K has released some potentially exciting “depth-defying” details.

Alex Cox, 2K Games international producer, put some of the rumors and debating to rest when he explained that Move compatibility and 3D would not be included on the PlayStation 3 version of Mafia 2 at launch. Although 3D will be included in the PC version of the game, the features were introduced too late during the development of Mafia 2 to be added by the scheduled release date.

“For us to go back and retrofit things like 3D for consoles or Move or Kinect, or any of these great new technologies, it’s just too late for us,” Cox said.

While it is not scheduled to be included immediately, Janek Kolar, the Senior Gameplay Producer of 2K Czech, raised some excitement by hinting that a future patch is not unheard of.

“I remember working on a game seven years ago and we got the super photo glasses and 3D so it’s nothing new for games. So if it’s important for the console manufacturers I think we will be able to provide an upgrade of the game or just an update something like that.”

As always, it seems that if the possibility is there, the move is, of course, cost efficient, and demand is high, it’s not out of the question. And demand, Cox and Kolar confidently believe, is not going to take long to build. Both developers say the 3D seen in the title is excellent.

“The 3D for Mafia 2 works extremely well. nVidia have told us that it’s a particularly successful product,” said Cox

“This 3D thing works perfectly well for all games because they’re in real time there are no artificial effects like they do on movies and you can really look around and it’s absorbing,” Kolar added.

Even with the multiple endings recently pronounced dead, Mafia 2 is continuing to show great strides from its predecessor. We got a chance to go hands on with it at E3, and from what we played, and this new tease that we could experience it in 3D, it’s shaping up to be one of the fall’s ‘must have’ titles. Expect many more details to emerge as we grow closer to Mafia 2’s release date- August 24th.