Guerrilla Games Achieves 40% More Performance with Killzone 3

July 8, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

When Guerrilla Games’ PS3 exclusive Killzone 2 came out last year, it shattered the records with its dazzling vivid imagery. It’s now a little over a year later and Killzone 3 is announced and will contain improved visuals as well as 3D support. Killzone 2 is still at the top of its class, so how is this even possible? The development team has the answer.

Examiner recently interviewed Hermen Hulst, the director of Killzone 3, and asked Hulst about how the Guerrilla Games team has managed to produce such incredible visuals in 3D. Hulst responded with the following:

“With Killzone 2, we felt like we pretty much scraped the bottom of the barrel in terms of performance. Our technology team has actually found an additional 30-40% in performance — we’ve been trying to figure out how to best apply that into the scale of things.”

Although Killzone 2 seemed to push the PlayStation 3’s three-year-old hardware to it’s limit, the console seems to keep growing in potential. With roughly seven months to go until release, there is plenty of time for Guerilla Games to polish the game to an even smoother finish, and with around 40% more performance to utilize in the upcoming sequel, Killzone 3 should be fully capable of providing consistent surreal experiences while maintaining clean frame rates, all while supporting a 3D experience like we saw at E3 2010.