Killzone 3 Gets Cinematic

July 13, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

With Killzone 2 upping the realism in every way – showcasing what the PlayStation 3 is really capable and making Sony’s console shine in every way possible – gamers are waiting to see what Killzone 3 has to offer. And these latest videos showcasing Guerrilla’s upcoming shooter should have you on the edge of your seat.

At E3 they showed off the absolutely brutal melee kills. Well, today we get to see the new cinematic deaths. Over on Killzone’s official website they’ve posted two examples of how they have tried to make deaths and explosions more cinematic.

The first video shows how a drop ships struck by a barrage of W.A.S.P. projectiles doesn’t simply blow up and drop out of the sky, but instead spirals out of control and is completely unpredictable.

The second video shows off the jetpacks which when shot out of the sky causes the enemies engine to blow up and send the helpless Helghast on the ride of a life time.

Look to see more details in the upcoming months as we get closer to Killzone 3 February release date.