Console Dragon Age 2 Once Again to be Different from PC Version

July 15, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Months before the original Dragon Age: Origins even hit the shelf, there already was a split among would be fans of ther series. While the PC version of the game was handled by Bioware and featured a ‘top down’ approach to gameplay, the console versions were handled by Edge of Reality and featured a more ‘up close’ feel to the combat and camera. Even though the console versions scored quite well (Check out our review here), PC gamers still feel that they’re ‘king of the hill’ when it came to the best version around. It seems that PC fans might just receive the best version once again, as Bioware has confirmed that there will be a difference between the PC and console versions when it is released early next year.

BioWare Big Man Greg Zeschuk talked about Bioware’s recently revealed game with VG247.Com and confirmed that there will be a difference between the console and PC versions of DA2, but fans shouldn’t worry, they kinda know what they’re doing.

I would, in a sense, defend our Dragon Age 1 work, in that I actually like the console limitations, but I think that in Dragon Age 2 we’ve had the opportunity to work from a final platform and kind of design the gameplay to really cater for them. Again, there’ll be differences between the PC version and the console versions. By the simple nature of the input system and the experience. I think when people start seeing it in action they’re going to be really impressed with how it looks on all platforms.

It’s funny how the game hasn’t even been unveiled to gamers for even two weeks and there’s already a ton of controversy surrounding it. Everything from the decision to turn the game into more of a ‘Mass Effect’ feel with only one main protagonist, Hawke (who WILL be fully voiced though!), and the fact that it will feature a dialogue will similar to that of ME. Fans have even complained that the graphics, which were promised to be improved, aren’t all that much better. Superior gameplay can outshine graphics anyday, but good graphics certainly don’t hurt.

Dragon Age 2 will tell the tale of Hawke, a refugee who rises from the ashes to gain mighty powers to save the land, March 2011.