Capcom Announces Mega Man Universe

July 17, 2010Written by Zak Islam

With a wealth of robot bosses, fun levels, and classic gameplay, the Mega Man franchise is undoubtedly Capcom’s most productive series. The Mega Man series has been enjoying a resurgence of late with Capcom’s downloadable titles Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, and now, to continue their trend of digital distribution, Capcom has announced a new retro revival in the form of Mega Man Universe.

Mega Man Universe will be released on the PlayStation Network as well as Xbox Live. Capcom has promised it will deliver “the core experience fans want. The game’s main character will be the star of the game, right? Wrong, since the publisher stated that “imagination is the star of the game.”

Mega Man series producer Kenji Inafune told GameSpot:

This is something that you have never seen before, and we have included some hints into this teaser trailer. If you take a look closely, you will be able to imagine a lot of different possibilities. So try and use your imagination, and you may figure out what makes this game special.

In addition to the announcement, a teaser trailer was also released showcasing just what “imagination” Capcom were speaking about. The trailer hints are several Capcom crossovers with 1942, 1943, Final Fight, Magic Sword, Darkstalkers, and Bionic Commando, and Ryu! The teaser trailer ends with: “Your world. Megafied.”

A release date for Mega Man Universe has yet to be announced. Although, with Comic-Con on the horizon – which should see the birth of new details on the title – it shouldn’t be too long until fans know when their beloved Blue Bomber will be back. In the meanwhile, enjoy the teaser trailer below.