Square-Enix’s FFXIV Challenges PS3’s Power

July 17, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Final Fantasy games are known to be huge, pushing boundaries with each release. MMORPGs (massively-multiplayer online role-playing games) are nearly never-ending gaming experiences. So what happens when you combine all the, graphics, detail, characters and storyline that goes into a Final Fantasy, with the great lengths and open world that an MMO offers? You get Final Fantasy XIV Online, which may be proving to be a bit too much for the PS3 to handle.

Final Fantasy producer Hiromichi Tanaka had mentioned some struggles with the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV in the past, but didn’t clarify any of the technical issues.  However, he did recently tell NowGamer that the developers were working hard to optimize the data to work on the PS3 console.

“The PlayStation 3 has a limited amount of memory compared to the PCs we’re aiming at.  We have to optimise the data so that it will fit on the console and that’s taking a lot longer than we first thought…”

While we appreciate the amount of effort being done to port this adventure title from the PC to the PS3, we also hope that this “optimization” won’t degrade the quality of the game.  Or perhaps this game is much more grand than we had originally anticipated.

We’ll be sure to continue updating you with the latest development of FFXIV until we see it set sail in March 2011.