Sony Goes Vegan, Shows ‘No interest’ in Super Meat Boy

July 19, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Anyone who has watched footage of Super Meat Boy are immediately smitten and want to get their hands on it, much like a tasty burger sizzling on the grill during a Sunday BBQ. Unfortunately for PS3 owners that will not happen… But why?

The developer explained via their Twitter why Super Meat Boy isn’t cooking up on everyone’s favorite black console:

Oh, also the answer to last weeks question “why is there no ps3 version of SMB was “Because Sony didn’t express interested in the game”

This statement is pretty vague especially considering that the PSN is usually such a great market for these kind of games. So immediately following the above tweet, our friends over at PSNStores posed a follow up question, asking why Sony may not have been interested. Here is what Edmund McMillen, one of the two members of Team Meat, had to say:

“We had started development of SMB for PC, Wii, Xbox and Ps3. we had kits for all systems and the game ran on all consoles. we submitted our current build to MS and Sony and it was as simple as Sony not getting back to us expressing interest in picking up the title and MS grabbing it up as soon as we submitted it.”

“We like Sony, and I’m sure we will eventually release a game on their system but SMB on ps3 just wasn’t in the cards. also keep in mind we are only a team of 2, one of us doing all of the programming. if we somehow were able to work out a deal to release on all systems, with a work load like that, i think Tommy would probably kill himself.”

“I don’t want my friend to be dead, nor should you.”

This is a real shame since the game does look like a ton of fun. On the bright side, it is good to see that Team Meat is still open to bringing future titles to the PS3. Maybe we will even be lucky enough to see Super Meat Boy make its way over to the PS3, at a later date.