Sony Announces PlayStation Beta Rooms

July 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

MusterBuster, the well-known SCEE community manager recently teased that a “HUGE” announcement was looming. Now, only a short while after that tease, the huge announcement has been, well, announced…

SCEE has just announced something which will give UK gamers an opportunity to try out betas in ‘PlayStation Beta Rooms’. It’s an event being held in Vaad Gallery at Birmingham’s Custard Factory. Full details below:

“Calling all PlayStation faithfuls, we’re inviting you to come and prove yourself on games before they’re released, battle it out with the best of the best, win prizes, and speak face to face with your gaming heroes. While other people can only talk about future games,  you can be launching yourself into them for real at our first ever PlayStation BETA event in Birmingham.”
“So what kind of crumbling apocalyptic cities can you race through and what kind of power struggles can you get caught up in? For a taster of what’s about to be unleashed on the market, you can sample all of these at the event: The Fight Move Edition, Kung Fu Rider, Sports Champions, Killzone 3 Dualshock, Motorstorm Apocolypse, GT5, Dead Nation, Eat Them, Heavy Rain Move Edition.”

“We’ll even stage a Motorstorm Apocolypse tournament. The prize? The champion of each session not only escapes a natural catastrophe but also wins a Sony 3DTV. And if you can’t dodge enough flying concrete to claim a prize, don’t curl up in shame as there are limited edition take homes for everyone. And there’s free food and drink throughout, to fuel your shooting/racing/zombie addiction.”

“So if you want to thrust yourself into games no one else can get their hands on at the BETA event in Birmingham’s Custard Factory, sign up now””

You’re itching already, right?

The event is open to UK residents. To secure a place for you and a friend, send us an email on before Monday 26th July along with your preferred date. You can choose from the following sessions:

Saturday 31st July: 6pm- 10pm
Sunday 1st August: 12pm- 4pm

Places are offered on a first-come, first served basis so don’t hang about. If you wanna check out travel information – here’s the address for the venue:

Check out the first images of PlayStation Beta Rooms below: