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YOU Become the Prey In Ghost Recon: Predator

July 20, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Jack Tretton, promised that up to 70 new PSP titles would grace Sony’s handheld this year and it looks to be coming true. Get ready to dust off your PSP as the ESRB outed yet another new game, this time being a new title in the popular Ghost Recon series. That newest title? Ghost Recon: Predator. We’ve got a mission briefing for you after the jump…

Thanks to the fine folks over at the ESRB, we now know that you will be part of a ‘elite military unit’ using a variety of heavy weapons to kick some Ghost Recon ass. Or Terrorist ass. Or whoever is now threatening world peace. Ah, it never gets old, does it? Plus the PSP can use every title that it can get, so it should be interesting to see what Ubisoft have up their sleeve for this PSP-only shooter. Here’s the ESRB description which brings to light a bit more about the upcoming title.

“This is an action game/third-person shooter in which players engage in combat missions as part of an elite military unit. Players use a variety of machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, and explosives to infiltrate hostile compounds and kill enemies. Gun fights are depicted realistically, with loud gun sound effects, large explosions, and characters that yell in pain when hit. Gunshots result in splashes or small clouds of red blood that disappear quickly. Characters use the words “sh*t,” “b*tch,” and “a*s” in the dialogue.”

Once Ghost Recon: Predator is officially announced, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle will do our best to bring you all the details and screenshots!