Bizarre Shoots Down 3D and Move for James Bond 007: Blood Stone

July 21, 2010Written by Max Murray

James Bond 007: Blood Stone was recently revealed as the next installment in the Bond series, this time headed by the crew of Bizarre Creations and Activision. Bond, and 007 games are known for their wide arsenal of weapons and futuristic gadgetry, but according to creators,  007 will be without 2 of the greatest current tools.

Recently speaking with GamerZine, Nick Davies of Bizarre Creations has stated that their upcoming Bond title, Blood Stone, will not have 3D support, nor will it be compatible with the PlayStation Move.

“3D no,” said Davies. “The whole 3D era started after we’d developed this game.”

“I think the same with Move as well. If you’re going to make a game in 3D or with a specific peripheral in mind then you have to build it from the start with that in mind.”

Much like 2K stated about 3D and Mafia 2, the technology, Davies stated, just wasn’t available when they started development.

“They weren’t available or in the mainstream at that point and we don’t want to shoehorn anything in or make a half-arsed attempt at 3D.”

The future, said Davies, is looking bright. We may see Bizarre integrating the 3D and Move technologies in their future titles:

“Future games, yeah, Bizarre are all about pushing the tech as far as we can, but on this game, no, we’re not going to see that.”

“I think you’re going to find that in most games in development this year. Some will try and shoehorn it in if they’re crazy, and some will wait and do the next iteration as a full 3D or Move experience.”

Bizarre Creations also recently stated they would love to continue the Blur franchise by producing future titles that will ultimately transform the shoot-em-up racing game into a well known series. Expressing their wish for Blur to be the biggest racing title on the market, and with this statement from Davies about integrating 3D into future titles, maybe this will be their IP of choice we see breaking through into Sony’s new technological fronts.

What would you like to see come from the minds at Bizarre creations?