Sony Draws More Fists Than Comparisons With Move

July 21, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Thanks to this new motion controller craze, the console wars are set to heat up even more. As ironic as this may sound, since motion controls are primarily casual and console wars are stereotyped towards the hardcore, that has not stopped Sony from drawing their punches at the competition pre-release. At the recent Sony Media Holiday Preview Event, Sony Computer Entertainment decisively took jabs at the competing waggle devices.

Going above and beyond the typical marketing and advertising spiel, the media kit took host to a comparison chart pitting the PlayStation Move, Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft Kinect traits and features together.

With the chart, SCE is simply driving home the fact that the Move controller can pay homage to Wii-style games, like Dead Space Extraction, support Kinect-like Eye Toy and voice command titles, such as EyePet, and even a mix of both with titles like The Shoot. In any case, features are great to have and crucial even but it is the software lineup that will lead to success in the end, right? What do you think?