Disc-less Netflix Coming to a PS3 Near You

July 22, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

Netflix launching on the PlayStation 3 late last year was an incredible boost to the momentum and value of the console. While the service is great, the requirement of the streaming disc has been somewhat…annoying. Fret not Netflixers!

Netflix announced that, while a disc would be required for the initial startup of the PS3 streaming functionality, a disc-less solution was in the works. When this would actually happen however, was not discussed. Just “some time in 2010.” CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings now has some exciting news for fans of the service.

Before our next call in October, we expect to be launching a major new version of our Sony PS3 user interface which doesn’t require a disc and is dynamically updated continuously with the latest Netflix UI improvements.”

The recent reveal of Hulu Plus exclusively on the PS3 in 2010 was also a big factor in the updating of Netflix on PS3, says Hastings.

“Once Hulu Plus has a few hundred thousand subscribers we’ll be able to learn from consumers what they like about Hulu Plus. Then we’ll work to incorporate what we find back into Netflix. The Hulu team is sharp, and we’re not going to underestimate them.”

Always the entrepreneur that Hastings. Learning from other competitors and giving the consumer the biggest value for their buck. Be sure to stay tuned for when PlayStation LifeStyle lets you in on all the new User Interface updates for Netflix, later this year.