Mafia II Putting a Hit Out on PSN Soon

July 22, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The original Mafia game has gone an amazing seven years without a much sought-after sequel hitting retail. However, fortunately for gamers and fans alike it won’t go eight years. Before its August 24th release date arrives, it’s been confirmed that 2K Czech’s Mafia II demo will be shooting up the PlayStation Network, giving an opportunity to see how improved the title is from its predecessor.

Previously, Take-Two’s Ben Feder confirmed a Mafia II demo would release sometime in August, although, an exact release date was not announced. Now, as outed by the latest issue of trade mag MCV, the Mafia II demo will be available from August 10th on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

For Mafia II’s actual release, 2K will be following Electronic Arts’ footsteps, giving away the game’s first batch of downloadable content free to those who purchase the game new, which is only exclusively available for PlayStation 3 owners. Full details regarding the DLC entitled The Betrayal of Jimmy can be found here. If you think you’re happy about the exclusive DLC, 2K Games certainly are, too.

While you wait for the demo and August 24th US release date (August 27th release for EU) to arrive, check out Mafia II’s E3 trailer below. Also, while we’re on the subject of E3, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s hands-on E3 impressions for more information on the crime-thriller.