PSP Reigns Supreme in Konami Q1 Revenue Figures

August 9, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The PlayStation Portable has come under a lot of scrutiny during recent times, mainly due to the PSPgo’s high price point and Sony’s inability to release a PSP2 anytime soon. Despite the negative press surrounding Sony’s portable device, it continues to shine in multiple sale charts – most notably taking top spot in Japanese hardware charts – and now it has topped Konami’s Q1 2010 revenue figures.

In a way, it’s no surprise that the PSP has been doing extremely well in Konami’s Q1 revenue figures if one considers the recent launch of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker which inevitably guaranteed to sell countless PSP units. Sony’s other consoles have also been doing well in these latest figures while the Xbox 360 and PC take 3% and 2% respectively with the PSP taking an impressive 40%.

  • PSP 40% (1,848,000)
  • DS 18% (831,600)
  • PS3 17% (785,400)
  • Wii 12% (554,400)
  • PS2 9% (415,800)
  • X360 3% (138,600)
  • PC 2% (92,400)
  • Total 4,620,000 (100%)

Even though multiple third-party publishers have been complaining regarding poor sales and piracy on the PSP, it’s refreshing that one of its biggest supporters is at least profiting from the system. Publisher Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game was one of the major hit releases in Spring, with the sneaky title estimated to have sold approximately 1.2 million copies worldwide since its release. Although the PSP system was the major earner for Konami, bringing in 40% of the company’s revenue, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 has also excelled in Konami’s figures, with Sony’s systems making up for an accumulative of 66% of Konami’s total sales.