Ace Combat Assault Horizon Swooping Onto Consoles

August 11, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The Ace Combat series has spanned across several years with the last PlayStation Ace Combat title being The Belkan War which was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2. While the franchise hasn’t been flying on consoles for nearly three years now, the popular series has made a few appearances on handhelds with the PlayStation Portable scheduled to receive Ace Combat: Joint Assault later on this month. Recently, the next iteration in the series, Ace Combat Assault Horizon, was announced by Namco Bandai and it’ll be the first Ace Combat game to grace the PlayStation 3 when it releases next year.

Namco Bandai confirmed that both single-player and online multiplayer components will feature in Ace Combat Assault Horizon. Not much else has been announced in regards to the title which is in development by veterans Project Aces. A teaser trailer has hinted that the game will be a rebirth for the franchise. A message included in the teaser trailer said: “This one’s a game changer.” The clip, which can be viewed below, showcases various aspects of Assault Horizon including dogfights through downtown skyscrapers, helicopter battles and more.

As mentioned, Ace Combat Assault Horizon is currently scheduled for a release sometime next year.