PS3 Launches In Brazil, Costs A Small Fortune

August 12, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Launching a video game console globally these days takes a lot of effort. Besides shipping the product around the globe, you also have to conform to a country’s rules and regulations. Sony is now one step closer to conquering the videogame world yet again – but in this particular country, it’ll cost you a pretty penny to officially own a PS3.

Though it was possible to purchase a PlayStation 3 in Brazil prior to Wednesday, the unit would not be supported by Sony and would only have a 3 month warranty as required by Brazilian law. Now, however, you can buy an officially-supported 120 GB PS3 Slim from Sony. While that may sound like good news, presumably due to Brazil’s importation and tax laws the price will be brought up quite a bit. The final asking price? R$1999, or roughly $1,130 USD. Ouch! This is actually a bit cheaper than Sony would have originally priced the console according to Sony PlayStation Brazil Division Manager Anderson Gracias, at R$2,499, or around $1400 USD. They are subsidizing part of the cost in order to stay competitive with the Xbox 360. So an official welcome to our brethren from Brazil! Play B3yond.