Criticism Over PS3 Version of Mafia II – 2K Responds

August 18, 2010Written by Zak Islam

And so the heated topic over the PlayStation 3 version of Mafia II continues. 2K Games’ open-world gangster thriller’s demo had sparked fury among PlayStation 3 gamers due to the reasons of notable aspects missing as opposed to the 360 and PC version. 2K Games has now officially given their response and it has confirmed the PS3 version of the title will be different to others.

Recently, Gamespot had seemingly posted images of the final PS3 build of Mafia II which showed the game was indeed on-par with the 360 and PC version. However, 2K’s senior manager of interactive marketing, Elizabeth Tobey, has given a detailed response over at the official forums on the matter:

“When designing Mafia II, we optimized for each of the three different systems the game would run on to make sure the core experience was the best it could be. Because of this, there are some differences from one platform to the next. In terms of the PS3 version, I wanted to clarify a couple points you have been asking about: There will not be highly detailed grass or large pools of blood, the cloth movement is less noticeable than, for example, the PC version, and the visual fidelity in the demo is generally representative of what you’ll see in the full game.

Our aim is to make a cohesive and immersive experience and optimize the game for each platform so that it could run its best. And while there are some differences between each version, I’m sure you’ll find that the core gameplay and the heart of Mafia II remains no matter whether you play on PS3, 360, or PC.

Thanks for your patience while I checked with the dev team on the specific issues you were asking about, and I hope you see you in Empire Bay next week.”

What are your thoughts on this? Will you still be picking up Mafia II despite all the criticism and negative press towards the PlayStation 3 version of the title? Let us know via the comments section below.