FIFA 11 Debut Gameplay Footage is Worth a Watch

August 18, 2010Written by Zak Islam

After months of sheer anticipation, mega-publisher and developer Electronic Arts has finally released gameplay footage of their upcoming football game, FIFA 11. The footage shown off today via EA Sport’s Facebook page shows the game’s features with Personality +, the improved 360 degree movement system, as well as Pro Passing.

In addition to the gameplay footage, an 11 vs. 11 online mode has also been confirmed as well as official confirmation of the all-new Be A Goalkeeper mode allowing you to take control of the keeper during a game.

FIFA 11 will be shooting into retail this Fall. To be exact: a September 28th release date for North America and October 1st for European territories. For more news on EA Sports’ football game check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s previous coverage.