SAW II Scaring Gamers Come Halloween

August 24, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Konami previously stated their upcoming second installment in the Saw video game franchise, SAW II, will be releasing around Halloween. The publisher has today announced that Saw II will be released on October 19th, 2010 which will be “just in time for the release of Saw VII 3D, the seventh installment of the popular horror franchise from Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures.”

In addition to the spooky release date for the title, Konami has also treated fans to new concept art. John Williamson said: “Just the silhouette of the character in the trap had to make the viewer uncomfortable,. “You had to know instantly that something bad was going to happen to this person if you didn’t get them out.”

The game will continue the lore of Jigsaw’s menacing activities. Traps will be emphasized like they are in the movies. They will be treated as “mini-bosses”, a “culmination of each level”. Konami pledged they will expand upon the Saw universe by adding new characters and story-lines overtime.