EA Speaks Out About Medal of Honor’s New Opposing Forces

October 3, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Given the major outcry against the creative aspects of the upcoming Medal of Honor reboot, Electronic Arts opted to essentially remove the term “Taliban” from the multiplayer segment of the title. As with any controversy, an opposing opinion is present to dispute any change. With gamers calling out EA for giving in to the mainstream objections, the powerhouse publisher went on record to explain why the last-minute change should not matter to future Medal of Honor players.

To prove to gamers that the tweaked Medal of Honor multiplayer is still the same Medal of Honor multiplayer, EA and DICE, developers of the multiplayer portion of the game, have decidedly scheduled a multiplayer-only demo for release next week. According to Jeff Brown from EA:

“The reason we’re posting the multiplayer demo next week is so people can judge for themselves. Does changing one word in the menu screen have any impact on the actual play of the game that takes place in Afghanistan? If they think we shouldn’t have done that, I urge them to play it.”

Also worth noting is that the alleged true-to-live modern warfare experience in the single player portion of the title still features enemy troops that are still regarded as “Taliban”. If you’re still skeptical, check out the multiplayer demo releasing onto the PlayStation Store in due time. Medal of Honor releases in stores on October 12, 2010.