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Street Fighter Producer Pitches ‘Arcade Edition DLC’ for Super SFIV

October 5, 2010 Written by Allen Tyson

Yoshinori Ono stays perpetually busy. When he’s not working on Street Figther X Tekken, or trying to get another Darkstalkers off the ground, he’s pitching ideas to management. Ono-san today flew to San Francisco to pitch an idea about Super Street Fighter IV–an idea which sounds pretty darn good.

In a recent tweet, Ono-san shared his plans:

Just now, I have written proposal about DLC for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition [for] PlayStation Network and Xbox Live at last. I’ll go to San Francisco tomorrow !! CAPCOM USA exists in SF. ;D

One of the things that makes buying a title a good investment is when the publisher supports it with good DLC. Ono-san has the right idea. With as active as he is on twitter, I am sure we will find out the results of his meeting as soon as he does.