Demon’s Souls Becomes Atlus’ Most Successful Title

October 7, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Demon’s Souls came. It conquered. It joined the PlayStation 3’s greatest line-up hits. After all the game’s success publisher Atlus has said the title is its most successful in the company’s history.

Atlus U.S.A today announced that Demon’s Souls is the most successful title in the company’s two decade existence. In celebration of the game’s first birthday, Atlus thanked fans for their continued support of the title. Atlus said:

“If ever there was a game championed and made a success by its fans, this would be it. Here’s to many more groundbreaking online action role-playing experiences. Your support over this past year will never be forgotten.”

The famed publisher also announced in wake of the joyous news that it will be splitting the game’s world tendency into two events, starting today by shifting it to Pure White until October 18th, with the rest of the month will be shifted to Pure Black.