Killzone 3 Private Beta Codes Being Sent Out

October 12, 2010Written by Zak Islam

SCEA had announced a Killzone 3 open beta would be awarded to a select amount of PlayStation Plus subscribers. Now, it seems the private beta Guerrilla Games’ shooter is being sent out.

Courtesy of Meodia, a private beta invitation image for Killzone 3 can be viewed below.

To add to the legitimacy of the image, a few NeoGaf readers have confirmed they have received the beta and have added images to prove it. Were you lucky enough to be invited into the private beta? If so, let us know via the comment section below. If you don’t know yet, well, what are you waiting for? Head over to your inbox!

The hotly anticipated third installment in the long running Killzone series is currently scheduled for a release on February 22nd, 2011.