Final Fantasy Versus XIII Job Listing Hints at Game Going Multi-Platform

October 18, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Although Final Fantasy Versus XIII designer Tetsuya Nomura has assured gamers that the title is a PS3 exclusive, a job listing for the RPG has increased speculation that it could be coming to the Xbox 360.

Publisher Square Enix had stated they have been “looking into” an Xbox 360 release for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and a job listing adds onto the rumors that the game could indeed be heading to the 360.

The job listing for a Final Fantasy Versus XIII ‘Battle Planner’ listed the following requirements needed: experience developing a 3D action game, knowledge and experience in both level and battle design as well as development experience on a PS3, or Xbox 360 package title.

With “or Xbox 360 package title” included within the job listing, one could only ponder if, like Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be making its way to the Xbox 360.