Studio Liverpool Hiring For “Futuristic Racing Franchise”

October 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

WipEout HD was released way back in 2008, where it achieved great success on the PlayStation 3, causing many fans of the series to call for a new addition to the franchise. Now it seems we may be in luck, as the game’s developers, Studio Liverpool, are currently hiring for “a high profile, futuristic racing franchise.”

Studio Liverpool has recently put up a job listing which states that the company is currently looking for a senior producer to commence work on a “high profile, futuristic racing franchise” – something that sounds awfully like a new Wipeout game. There is the possibility that the developers could be making further downloadable content for WipEout HD, but due to the game’s age it does seem unlikely.

Said job listing has, interestingly, been edited to no longer have the revealing quote shown above. It does, however, provide the following information: any applicants contemplating to apply for the job must “understand the vision of the Game Director to design key gameplay features, track layouts, community features, and gameplay balancing.”