FFXIII Deal: Lightning Strikes for an Andrew Jackson

November 3, 2010 Written by Allen Tyson

The holiday shopping season is upon us. In a few short weeks, the biggest shopping day of the year will descend upon the world of man in a frenzy hard to describe. While we can expect game deals as retailers fight over our dollars, Amazon has a pre-Black Friday deal that’s hard to pass up.

Amazon has Final Fantasy XIII on sale for, wait for it…$18.99, which is less than an Andrew Jackson. This is over 50% off their earlier price of $39.99. If you passed on this RPG for whatever reason, or just didn’t think it was worth the price, now just might be the time to step in the Fabula Nova Crystallis world.

A word of warning: don’t expect the deals to slow down anytime soon. With several AAA titles coming before the holidays (several of which offering deals we already know of) it’s going to be tough to decide what to buy–and not go broke in the process.