Crytek UK Sticks up For Haze, Asks People to Treat it More Gently

November 4, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Oh, Haze. How long I waited for you only to be left hugely disappointed. Still, it wasn’t as bad some of the reviews and feedback it received, according to TimeSplitters‘ creator, Crytek UK.

Managing director Karl Hilton recently told Eurogamer during an event:

“We were surprised by how poorly it was received. We felt it had a lot of good elements in, which just didn’t seem to get picked up at all. But it’s a fickle industry and things move quickly. If you get a few things wrong and people pick up on it… And Haze wasn’t a perfect product. Clearly it wasn’t. But it wasn’t as bad as some of the reviews and feedback made out.”

Hilton ended with hopes of people treating the game a little more gently:

“I don’t think anyone will claim it was an unrecognised classic, but maybe they’ll treat it a little more gently than it got treated when it was released. That would be nice.”

Were you, like me, hugely disappointed by the game or is there anyone who wants to stick up for the PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter? Let us know via the comment section below.