Naughty Bear And Wet Sequels Announced

November 8, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Behaviour Interactive (formerly known as Artificial Mind & Movement) has announced the sequels to the fairly well received Wet and the abysmal Naughty Bear.

Whilst the company announced a return to their old name from Artificial Mind & Movement to Behaviour Interactive, they’ve also confirmed the follow ups to two of last year’s titles mentioned above. Behavior Interactive’s CEO, Rémi Racine, said:

“We are and will always strive to be the best and most trusted independent game development studio in the industry. The change in name is not only a return to our previous name but also an indicator of the evolution of the company. We have developed a strong reputation as a high-quality work-for-hire studio as well as a creator of our own original content and will continue to pursue both sides of the business. The new name reflects the renaissance of the company.”

In addition to the confirmation of sequels to Naughty Bear and Wet, more yet-to-be-announced PlayStation 3 games are also stated to currently be in the development process. For more on Wet check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review as well as our Naughty Bear review.