Pachter Says Gran Turismo 5 Will Release “Mid-December”

November 11, 2010Written by Zak Islam

When Sony unexpectedly delayed Gran Turismo 5, the Japanese electronics giant promised a new release date soon. However, as Christmas draws nearer, fear that GT5 may drop into next year grows; but Wedbush Morgan’s analyst Michael Pachter remains hopeful, saying that he believes the racer will be out mid-December.

Sony has stated on several occasions that the PlayStation 3 exclusive racer is due for a release before Christmas, with Pachter saying that Sony has reiterated this to him. He told IncGamers:

“Sony said the game was coming out before the holidays, and repeated that to me a week ago, so I don’t think it’s slipping. Look for a┬ámid-December launch.”

When do you think Gran Turismo 5 will finally come out? Make your predictions in the comments below.