The Jailbreak Returns in the Form of PS Downgrade

November 14, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

After the announcement of the PS Jailbreak, the homebrew modding scene exploded, as well as the threat of software piracy. PlayStation 3 Software Update Ver. 3.42 seemed to have solved this problem, but it may have been all for naught.

Before the software update, the PS Jailbreak had been put on a myriad of devices, from USB flashdrives, to TI-89 calculators, to even a DualShock 3 controller. It’s completely a software modification, so no knowledge of the inside of the console is necessary. The homebrew community rejoiced and people began to re-enable Other OS Support, start writing new native applications, and begin to backup Blu-Ray games to their console. But after Sony released the update, it all seemed to go away.

But not any longer.

The same folks behind the PS Jailbreak have just released the PS Downgrade, the “Worlds Only Firmware Downgrader.” After an update to the Jailbreak device, or buying a brand new one, users can turn their console back to firmware 3.41 or even 3.12, for native Other OS support. The device is even purported to be completely undetectable to Sony and even claims to not void your warranty. Theoretically this Downgrade software would enable a user to upgrade and downgrade their firmware at will, gaining access to the PlayStation Network and other firmware-specific features.

PlayStation LifeStyle does not endorse nor encourage the use of these types of software hacks and it’s plainly obvious that Sony doesn’t either. While the makers say that there will be zero negative effects on your system, we cannot confirm or deny these claims. This could cause your console to be banned or possibly be bricked.┬áIt’s these types of actions that have delayed or even taken away features from the PlayStation 3.