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God of War Dev Says PSP Was “Doomed” From Launch Day

November 19, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The PlayStation Portable has been on the receiving end of a lot of scrutiny recently, with many saying the handheld is all but dead. However, Ghost of Sparta dev, Ready at Dawn, says the portable was doomed from launch day.

The developer behind the PSP versions of all the God of War games has delivered some harsh words for Sony’s portable console by stating it was doomed to fail from the very start. Ready at Dawn co-founder Ru Weerasuriya told Edge magazine:

“It’s a good platform and you can make amazing things on it. I think that we’ve tried as much as possible to prove that in the last seven years. But it was doomed from the beginning, that’s its biggest problem,”

“It was doomed from the very get-go. There are some things which aren’t conductive to calling it a true portable gaming platform and calling it a connective platform, although it has wi-fi. There’s so many things that publishers and the manufacturer and Sony dropped the ball on – it’s natural, it’s the first one.”

Weerasuriya continued to say that he hopes Sony’s next handheld – the heavily rumored PSP2 – will make up for all of its predecessors “issues”.

“That hope that you can have is that they learn from that experience when they make the next one, and that they solve the issues with the PSP and the PSPgo – and also that they learn from what the others are doing.”

Ready at Dawn is the developer behind God of War: Chains of Olympus as well as the recently released Ghost of Sparta – which you can check out our review here. It’s only a matter of time until Sony unveils the PSP2 – with images of developer kits, publishers and developers stating they’ve seen it and have it in possession.