Costume Quest Gets Into Christmas Spirit With DLC

November 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Developer Double Fine is getting into the Christmas spirit by announcing that Costume Quest is set to receive some winter-themed downloadable content – entitled Grubbins on Ice – this December.

Grubbins on Ice‘ sees players set out on a mission to save Lucy, who has been sucked into an inter-dimensional portal. Players will follow her down the wormhole into the kingdom of Repugia, where you end up joining forces with the resident grubbins to help free Lucy. The add-on will apparently total up to five hours of questing.

Grubbins on Ice will introduce new costumes, patterns as well as several enhancements for the original title – the DLC will add a patches aimed to fix a few bugs and adds minor inclusion to the game including letting you pause during cut scenes as well as saving your game at designated phone posts.