Sony’s PS3 Exclusive May Make VGAs Appearance

November 22, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Sony recently sparked a speculation frenzy by teasing gamers they would be revealing a PlayStation 3-related exclusive a day after Spike’s Video Game Awards show takes place. While many thought it was strange for whatever Sony is teasing to be a day after an event which is notoriously known to reveal new games from developers, Spike TV’s host has hinted at the game making an appearance at the VGAs.

Geoff Keighley gave the following response to someone who tweeted “Sony to hold ‘exclusive PS3 reveal’ on Dec 12: Mystery game to miss VGAs for its own unveiling event.”

“Who said this game is missing the VGAs?”

When Sony unveiled the teaser image of the PlayStation 3 exclusive it didn’t indicate whether it was a game or something related to Sony’s console such as a price drop. However, with Keighley’s above tweet Sony is seemingly preparing to reveal a new PS3 exclusive game.