London Calling BioWare

November 26, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Over the past few years, Bioware has released multiple new IP’s that were met with both critical and commercial success, and even though not all of their franchises have come to the PlayStation 3, they have consistently produced must-have titles. Now, with the VGAs just around the corner, gamers are looking forward to what could be their next new IP.

Early this month EA teased the new Bioware game with a trailer showing just a glimpse of what looks to be a new modern day shooter, but stated more would be revealed at the VGAs on December 11th. A few days later, a picture of some binary code appeared on their Facebook page which lead to the British Secret Intelligence Service website. Today, yet another Binary image has appeared revealing new information.

The newest image, which was quickly deciphered by Beefjack, now leads to the cover of the Clashes greatest hits CD. Now, what can the Clash possible have to do with Bioware? Well The Clash was a popular band in the 80’s with one of their most iconic songs being “London Calling”. The two clues point towards the game being set in, or partly set in, London. Whether this means there will be a new game set in the UK, or a Mass Effect game on Earth is unknown.

Well as we are left scratching our heads all we can do is wait for the reveal on December 11th.