Gran Turismo 5 – Trophy Guide

December 8, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Proud Owner (Bronze)Take and share a photo.

– First you need to make sure you are in a premium car, then go to Photo Travel in GT Mode and select a place, a car and a position, any will do. Once that is all selected save it and head back to the Photo Travel Location screen. Go to your photo album located in the lower right hand corner. Select your photo and share with friends.

Course Designer (Bronze) Create and share a track.

– You’ll need to access the course maker on the main screen, not in GT Mode. Once there make all the selections any choice you make are fine, just create the track and save it. Once finished head back to GT mode and select track list. Then select your track and share it with friends.

Loony Tune (Bronze)Spend an insane amount of money on tuning a car.

– The trophy description is a little misleading as this a combined total spent. Although the exact number is not known, it seems to be around 500,000 CR. That being said if your upgrading your cars as your going through the campaign then you will have no issue getting this. I got it somewhere around level 15 with modifications to a bunch of different cars.

Race Ready (Bronze) Perform Racing Modifications on one of your cars.

– To add the racing mod you will need to go into the GT Auto, which is where you can wash your car and get your oil changed. Once here go to the far right icon which is for racing mods. Racing mods can only be added to certain premium cars, and it is quite expensive, so you may want to wait till you save some cash up first. I used the Honda Civic TYPE R (EK) 97 which you win for completing the FF cup in the beginners series. The racing mod will cost you 110,000 CR, and the trophy will pop up as soon as its added. If you want to do this without spending the money as soon as the trophy pops up quit the game by going directly to the XMB.

Dream Drifter (Bronze)Get 10,000 points or more in a Sector Mode Drift Trail.

– First go to arcade, drift trial, Dirt and Snow. The best track to get this on is the Chamonix Main as there are five sections to get points on. IF you can mange around 6,000+ on the first corner then the rest is pretty easy. This will definitely take some practice, as maintaining control can be tough. I would suggest one of the WRC cars on the far right.

Data Analyst (Bronze)Analyze your performance using the Data Logger.

– Head into arcade mode and do a time trial. Choose and track and car, then run at least two laps. Once your done, quit the race, and when your back at the main screen select Data Logger. Trophy is yours just like that.

Driving Music (Bronze)Use the Personal BGM function, and go for a drive while listening to your favorite songs.

– Make sure you have at least one song saved on your hard drive. Then go to GT Mode, Music Library, Race BGM, once there select the gear icon on the left (BGM Settings). Change the race BGM to Use “Personal BGM (race)”, then select open PS3 system Music folder and select a song. The trophy will pop up soon thereafter.

Beyond the Autobahn (Bronze)Drive 12.718km in total – the length of all Germany’s Autobahns combined.

– You better start driving now as this one will take some time. If your going for the “Excellent Driver” trophy then you should get this well before you get that trophy. Go to your profile menu in GT mode to keep an eye on how much you have driven.

Car Collector (Bronze)Fill your Garage with 1,000 cars.

– There are a total of 1,031 cars available in the game, luckily though you can get a lot of the same ones. If you’ve racked up enough cash then I would suggest going crazy with Go karts as they only run 5,000 CR each.

Multi-Millionaire (Bronze) Possess an insane amount of money.

– You’ll need to have a total of 10,000,000 CR in your GT Mode.

Old-Timer (Bronze)Acquire a car manufactured in 1959 or earlier.

– Don’t worry about trying to buy a car as you will win a ’58 Subaru 360 by winning the World Classic Car Series in the beginner series. As soon as you add this to your garage the trophy will unlock.

Half a Century of Cars (Bronze)Own at least one car each from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and ’00s.

– This will happen simply by beating races and winning cars. By the time you complete the beginner and amateur series you will have the desired cars.

Maximum Mileage (Bronze) Buy a used car with 300,000km or more travel distance.

– After each race completed new cars will be added to the used car section, so just keep checking back. Eventually one will pop up for you to by. The used cars are updated after each race so check back often.

High Roller (Bronze)Bought a seriously expensive car.

– You will need to buy a car over 100,000 CR.

Sky-High Roller (Bronze)Buy an insanely expensive car.

– This trophy will need the purchase of a car over 1,000,000 CR.

Speed Demon (Bronze) Achieve a speed of 300km/h.

– This one is pretty easy since at some point you will get a car to reach 300. This can be easily accomplished during the NASCAR school.

111 Meters a Second (Bronze)Achieve a speed of 400km/h.

– This is a lot more difficult than “Speed Demon” as there aren’t many vehicles that can reach 400. That being said you will win a Bugatti Veyron 16,4 ’09 by completing the Gran Turismo World Championship in the professional series. Once you win this add some modifications to boost the horsepower even more. Once its ready you can take it on a couple different tracks with long straight away, like Daytona or Circuit de la Sarthe 2009.

Within One Hundredth (Bronze)Win a race by a margin of 0.01 seconds or less.

– This will really just take luck, and with enough races you will eventually get it. To try and improve your luck a little better, try some of the NASCAR races as those usually are close at the end.

Arch Rivals (Bronze)Achieve a one-two finish in a Mistubishi Lancer Evolution X and a Subaru IMPREZA WRX STI.

– This actually sounds more difficult than it actually is since it can be accomplished in Arcade mode. Just go to Arcade mode and create a race with just two cars: one being the Lancer and the other the Impreza. Then complete the race.

Dream Race (Bronze)Win the ultimate three-way showdown between a Ford Mark IV Race Car, a Ferrari 330 P4 Race Car and a Jaguar XJ13 Race Car.

– This one is a little bit more difficult as each car will run you 20,000,000 CR, but once you do acquire one of them go to the Historic Racing Car Cup and win a race. The other two cars will always be in this race so once you win the trophy is yours.

GT-R Official Record (Bronze) Achieve a time of 7’29.03 on the Nurburgring Nordschleife in a Nissan GT-R ’07.

– First you will need to get bronze or better on all Intermediate events in the AMG Driving Academy so you can use the Nurburgring track in arcade mode. Then head to arcade, Time Trial, Nurburgring Nordschleife, Nissan GT-R. You need to make sure it is the arcade GT-R and not the one from GT Mode. Also don’t forget to equip Sports Hard Grade tires. From here it will just come down to your skill.

Human Stopwatch (Bronze)Complete three consecutive laps with time within 0.2 seconds of the Best Lap Time.

– This trophy really is all about luck as it is pretty hard to do. Take any car and go to the Daytona oval track and set 5+ laps. Since there are minimal turns this is just about keeping your speed up. Keep at it and in time you will get it.

A Star is Born (Bronze)Train a B-Spec driver up to Class 30 or above.

– If you keep using the same driver in B-Spec he will eventually get to class 30. This will just take time.

The Air of Experience (Bronze)Raise a B-Spec driver to the peak of his career.

– After you’ve received the “A Star is Born” trophy keep using that driver, at some point he will reach the peak of his career and then start to lose his skill. After he starts to lose his skill you will unlock this trophy.

Colorful (Bronze)Collect 256 paint colors.

– As you acquire new cars you will also get the use of their paint. At minimum you will need 256 cars, but probably more as this needs to be all different colors. If your going for the “Car Collector” trophy you will get this well before you get that one.

Penniless (Bronze)Spend every last Credit you have.

– To make this easier do this as soon as you start the game. Your best bet is to buy four go karts as they run 5,000 CR a piece. If by chance you’ve already started then its just about evening out your money by buying used cars so you can get to an even number from there you need to look at new cars and add ons to get it to zero.

Watch Out for Falling Objects (Bronze)Make a part of your car fall off while driving.

– This needs to be done in arcade mode. Select your car and go nuts, crash into everything and anything. It takes a little time, but with some effort you’ll have pieces falling off in no time. Also be sure your using a premium car as standard cars do not have damage effects.

Rollover (Bronze)Total a car by flipping it over.

– Again head into arcade mode and grab a fast car. Since you will need to actually wreck your car in such a way that your car will respawn, this will take a little luck. Try and run into a wall head on this usually will get your car to roll. Then make sure to try to get it to land on its side or roof. When you respawn the trophy will unlock.

Take Your Honda Home (Bronze)Take a photo of a Honda passing in front of the Honda head office on the Tokyo R246 track.

– Grab a Honda and head to practice and choose the Tokyo R246 track. Then from here complete a lap or two, and when finished watch the replay. Go to photo mode and take a picture of your car in front of the Honda building, which is just after the start/finish line and is a white building with black windows. Take the photo and get the trophy.

Picture Exclusive (Bronze)Take a picture of a special someone as he stands in Kyoto’s Gion district.

– In GT Mode head to Photo Travel and select Kyoto’s Gion district. Set camera to location 1, put the car in position C and on the left of the screen you’ll see a gray-haired man leaning against a railing. Swing the camera around onto him and take his picture. The trophy will unlock a few seconds later.

Portraitist (Bronze)Take a portrait of a solitary woman who appears on the Marktgasse in Bern.

–┬áIn GT Mode head to Photo Travel and select Bern Marktgasse. Set camera location to 1, put the car in position A. Sitting between the car and the status with flowers is a lady talking on her cell phone. Zoom in on her and take a photo of her portrait. The trophy will unlock a few seconds after.

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