Insomniac Shed Details on Resistance 3

December 13, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The hype surrounding Resistance 3, while not nearly as comparable to the recently unveiled Uncharted 3, is immense. A trailer for the third installment in the popular PS3 series was shown off during the Video Game Awards Show and gave gamers a glimpse into the shooter’s gameplay. Recently, Insomniac Games’ Senior Community Manager James Stevenson revealed Resistance 3 is already playable from start to finish and, now, the developer has shed more details on the forthcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Insomniac used Twitter, Facebook, NeoGAF and the PlayStation Blog to answer and address some questions regarding Resistance 3. Firstly, the multiplayer is said to be a more “focused, progression-based” experience. The multiplayer will be available in maps located around the world. There’s also much more information on multiplayer to come, the developer has promised.

On the subject of a possible collector’s edition for Resistance 3, Insomniac remained as coy as they were on the possibility of PlayStation Move and 3D. The trailer, which was aired during Spike TV’s Video Game Awards Show, meanwhile, was confirmed to contain gameplay footage that was done in real-time.

“The gameplay section (which obviously wasn’t live action) was all totally in-engine and real-time. Some of it was with a director’s camera, but if the gun was in Capelli’s hand, that’s us playing the game at Insomniac this past week!”

Also, the developer commented on the fact that the live-action scenes shown off in the trailer were only for the trailer. The game’s actual cut scenes, meanwhile, will be in-engine. The weapons that made an appearance in the Resistance 3 trailer is detailed by Insomniac, too:

  • The new Auger sight is awesome, should’ve notice the proper iron sights for the magnum too, and all the chimeran Weapons have cool alien ironsights to them.
  • Did you guys see the Upgraded Rossmore light that Longlegs on fire and cause the blast root to blow? #flamingShotgunIsMoreFun
  • Sledgehammer… CONFIRMED. If Ratchet has a wrench, Capelli can have a sledgehammer…

For more on Resistance 3 be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s previous coverage and don’t miss out on the awesome trailer, too. The game is currently scheduled for a release on September 6th, 2011.