GT5 Loading Times Accelerated with SSD

December 14, 2010Written by Ray Conley

With Gran Turismo 5 ungaraged, Polyphony Digital’s racer has been pushing the PlayStation 3 to the limit with the most realistic driving sim to ever land on a console. However, some gamers have been finding some faults with the racing title – one of them being the notorious loading times. Fear not, there may be a possible work around if you’ve got some money to burn.

On the Beyond 3D forums, one user by the name of “Phil,” claims to have found a way to trim up the loading time on Gran Turismo 5. By running some simple benchmark tests in the arcade mode, he noticed some speed increases by loading GT5 from the solid-state drive (SSD) – about a half reduction in the time it takes to load from the standard SATA HDD.

Another similar test performed by some users over at GTPlanet found that they managed to squeeze the install time from 42 minutes to 25 minutes on the SSD. Small boosts to the performance in the menu options also seemed to have noticeable improvements.

So now the big question – is it worth it? Phil doesn’t seem to think so, but when the prices come down on SSDs he may reconsider a purchase.

Is it worth it? Not for me – not for that price. Perhaps when SSDs become a bit cheaper, I may get one cheap one day for the PS3. I’m also not sure how optimized the PS3 file system is for SSD usage and how long such a drive would live. No way really to benchmark this sadly.