Mass Effect 3 is a “Single-Player Game”: BioWare Responds

December 16, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Earlier this year, rumors arose that the Mass Effect series would be introducing something new to the franchise in the form of multiplayer. With the announcement of Mass Effect 3, which was made during Spike TV’s Video Game Awards Show, there didn’t seem to be any sign of a potential multiplayer component, something which a moderator on the official BioWare forums has supposedly confirmed by saying Mass Effect 3 is only a single player game – but is he right?

Rumors on the subject of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer sparked when a BioWare job listing stated a position is required for a multiplayer programmer on the Mass Effect franchise. Now, a BioWare forum moderator, who goes by the name of Pacifen. has seemingly confirmed that Mass Effect 3 won’t feature any types of multiplayer modes at all. The post reads:

Now that Mass Effect 3 has been officially announced, I return to the age-old response to this topic: Mass Effect 3 is a single-player game. Thank you.

While Sheper ’s chief aim is saving Earth, there still may be a multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3: according to a BioWare representative who told Escapist, the moderater may have stepped over the border. Pacifen should have given a statement in regards to multiplayer that reads: “BioWare does not comment on rumor”. The BioWare representative then gave a glimpse of hope concerning a possible multiplayer component for Mass Effect 3 by saying the post shouldn’t be taken as authoritative fact.