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Black Ops Map Pack Strikes February

December 20, 2010Written by Tyler Minarik

The first map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops was officially announced recently, and here are the limited details.   Titled First Strike it will include 4 new competitive multiplayer maps and one new zombie mode map.  The pack will be releasing in February, unfortunately Xbox will get it first February 1st, while PS3 and PC will wait get it at a later, undetermined date.  The pack will cost 1200 MS points, which translates into $15.  Since the MW2 map packs were so successful at this high price point, it seems that Activision will continue with the established trend.

While no real details were offered about the new zombie map other than the name “Ascension”, brief descriptions for each of the four competitive maps were given by Dan Bunting in an interview with Major Nelson.  “Discovery” is set in an abandoned German research station in the Antarctic.  “Kowloon” will be set in Kowloon, China, taking place across rooftops of the city and is inspired by an area of the single player campaign.  “Berlin Wall” is located at the historical location Checkpoint Charlie, and sets the scene for a battle between East and West Berlin.  Finally, “Stadium” will take place in a hockey rink somewhere in North America.

It looks like there will be some good variety of settings here to do battle in, and Treyarch is making effort to bring fans more of what they want.  Dan Bunting elaborated a bit, saying they wanted to bring “a variety of weaponry, a variety of engagement types, variety of verticality, bringing some sniper opportunities into it” as well as “scripted moments and interactivity in every single one of the new maps”.  We’ll keep you posted when more information is available.  In the mean time, are you excited for an opportunity to extend your COD: Black Ops experience?