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Cladun Gets A 2nd Turn With 2x Almost Everything

December 22, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Classic Dungeon or, as it’s known by Western audiences, Cladun: This is an RPG!, released in September and is essentially one of the best retro experiences gamers can have on the go. A sequel has been announced, and promises to be twice the game the first one was in almost every regard.

According to a recent article spotted in Japanese magazine Dengeki, the new game, titled Classic Dungeon X2, has plenty of new content to back up that X2 part of its title. For starters, in the original game there were three weapon types: staff, club and sword. In CDX2, weapon types will include those along with arrows, daggers and spears. The party management system, known as the “Magic Circle” will also receive a ramp up in number of characters from 103 to over 200. Classic Dungeon contained five jobs you could choose from, CDX2 doubles this to 10, including two new jobs which have already been revealed: the Saints, who can use healing magic as well as take out immortal enemies, and Rangers, who are nimble fighters adept at utilizing daggers and arrows. There are also more than double the customization options for your characters in a new “Advance Mode” character editor. An  added bonus is that you can import your characters from the first game into the sequel.

So it appears this new Cladun game’s plethora of added content merits its shiny new X2 badge emblazoned on its title. But there is no telling what the title will end up translating into if the game is ever localized for Western audiences, so stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for any news regarding that situation. Classic Dungeon X2 is due in Japan on March 24th in both UMD and download formats for ¥4,179 (~$50 USD/€38) and ¥3,000 (~$36 USD/€27) respectively.