Boon Discusses Kratos in New MK

January 5, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

We already know the upcoming Mortal Kombat game is going back to its 2D roots, and is bringing one of our very favorite PlayStation characters along for the ride.  Kratos seems a natural fit for the Mortal Kombat universe, with his extreme violence and aggression, as well as his unique weaponry and an epic back story.  However, we’ve seen characters from other IPs pulled into fighting games before, only to find that they can turn out lack luster due to limitations of one IP or the other.  According to Ed Boon, creative director of MK, they will pay proper tribute to Kratos, and he will play as fans think he should.

In an interview with Games Master Boon states:

“With any great IP, there are guidelines that must be followed.  We’re working really closely with the God of War team to ensure that Kratos looks and feels the way gamers expect him to.  We have nothing but respect for the God of War development team, and our goal is to stay true to their creation…

Kratos is very much a power character in that his attacks can do a lot of damage.  After all, he is the God of War.”

Boon goes on to talk about how within discussions with Sony both teams wanted a character who is unique to the PS3, and Kratos was at the top of both their lists.

“His look and fight style are very compatible to the MK universe.  Everyone is really excited about this opportunity, and it’s been great working with the God of War team in making this happen.”

Kratos will feature classic moves from his previous games, and is intended to be a powerhouse character, which is true to form.  It should be interesting to see how much of Kratos’ original moves make it into the game, while accompanying his new fatalities, as well as translating the Blades of Chaos into 2D fighting.  Mortal Kombat is currently slated for release in April 2011, and is available for pre-order now.