Sky Force Coming to a PS3 and PSP Near You

January 5, 2011Written by Corey Schwanz

Have you had enough of the classic arcade shoot ’em up action, like the beloved 1942? No? Good, because developer Infinite Dreams is about to make YOUR dreams come true.

Sky Force is the latest incarnation of the top-down scrolling shooter that has never gone out of style. Complete with 3D interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, and a soundtrack, Sky Force returns you to the days of tried and true gameplay. With a 2D playing field and 3D environment, Sky Force looks to improve on the standard for shmups.

Check out the game for yourself in the trailer below:

Available now in Europe for €2,99 and coming to other territories shortly, Sky Force hopes to impress. After all, it is the highest rated Polish mobile game of all time. As one of the PlayStation minis, you can play the game on your PSP or PS3.

Are you interested in the game, or is the genre just too over-saturated? Share your thoughts in the comments below.