SOCOM 4 Bravely Releases $10 From Captivity

January 19, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Video game retailers have been offering incentives to increase their sales while battling with other retails for your hard earned nickle. Some of these offers fall flat on their face, but Amazon knows that nothing is better than cold, hard cash. Many of the big games in 2010 included 10 or 20 dollar promotional credit, and so far 2011 is following in its older brother’s footsteps.

Amazon if offering a $10 credit to anyone who pre-orders SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals. As usual, the 10 dollars will be taken off of the next purchase you make from Amazon. The only restrictions on what you can buy is that it has to be sold and shipped by Amazon, and it can’t be used on MP3s, video rentals, or Kindle books. Swing by Amazon to pick up your copy.

SOCOM 4 is set to release in April of this year, and it’s a title you certainly don’t want to pass up.