MLB 2K11’s Perfect Game Challege Gets a Trailer

January 24, 2011Written by Adam Wolfe

When it comes to current gen Baseball games, Sony’s MLB: The Show is head and shoulders above the rest. In 2010 though, 2K Sports made strides towards evening out the competition, when they offered up the Million Dollar Perfect Game Challenge in MLB 2K10. Then earlier this month, 2K Games announced the return of this challenge in MLB 2K11. Now, looking to increase the hype even more, 2K Sports has released a new trailer.

The trailer doesn’t offer up a ton of new information, but what it does offer is some inspiration. It shows off some of the best pitchers in today’s game, with three of those pitchers already capturing the elusive perfect game.

See full trailer below:

Get ready to take part in the challenge for yourself, when MLB 2K11 release on March 8th.