PS3 Firmware 3.56 Is Now Live: Takes Shot At Hacks, Doesn’t Work

January 26, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

A new PlayStation 3 Firmware is now live. This is a minor security patch, so don’t expect any major new features to be included. Though, this may be a blow to all of the recent hacks, homebrew and piracy concerns.

[Update] That didn’t take long did it? Hackers are claiming that the new keys have already been decrypted and are working on ways to continue to run homebrew and custom firmware.

[Original Story] It’s not exactly clear what has been included in this firmware, but chatter on Twitter suggests that the update contains a new .SELF with an unknown key, thus thwarting the recent efforts of hacks, homebrew and custom firmware.

Eric Lempel on the PlayStation.Blog mentioned it was a small security patch. But if breaks homebrew and CFW, it’s anything but small.

We’ll update you as more info is revealed.