Casting Custom Spells With Two Worlds 2

January 31, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Two Worlds 2 developer TopWare has just released a second developer diary, in which they explain how the RPG will keep players out of the menus, so they can spend more time casting their custom magic.

The new video is narrated by creative director Scott Cromie, who describes several features of their new game. First up he tells us about how many RPGs have extensive menu systems, that often result in players spending more time within the menus than playing the actual game. With this in mind they have created a new type of radial menu for use within the game, which allows players to hotkey all their spells, abilities, and items as they please to craft a playing experience that truly suits the individual. After that we see several of the new spells in the game, which can be changed through various modifiers earned through out the game. This is called DEMONS, or Dynamic Enchantment, Magic, Occultism and Necromancy System, which allows for some very cool combinations of destructive forces.